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Subway Train #6

Since it's still early in the project, I really haven't noticed any patterns regarding genres, titles, or authors. The whole idea of listing trains and titles is to try and see by the end of 2007 if there are any preferences among subway riders. So far tastes seem to run the gamut from textbooks, to religious texts, to romance novels, to NY Times best sellers. It's nice to see such an eclectic mix.

John C who rides the 6 train has started to see some patterns emerging:

1. The Bible

"...over a one week period I saw no less then 12 people reading it."

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter

"Spotted 3 times."

And here's an author I thought I'd see more often:

3. Cell- Stephen King

King truly is a prolific writer. I especially like his memoir "On Writing." A quick read, it offers valuable advice for writers and readers alike:


Plus "Carrie" is one of my all time, favorite movies. Can you guess where I ranked in the high school food chain?


New York State Senator Hilary Clinton announced today on her website "I'm in!", meaning the 2008 presidential race. But she's not the only democrat that people are talking about when it comes to the White House.

Barack Obama the democratic Senator from Illinois has made quite a media buzz. His memoir (does he have two published?) is one title I think we'll see more of on the rails:

4. The Audacity of Hope- Barack Obama

In an interview posted on Amazon.com Obama advocates the importance of reading:

"Nothing has a bigger impact than reading to children early in life. Obviously we all have a personal obligation to turn off the TV and read to our own children; but beyond that, participating in a literacy program, working with parents who themselves may have difficulty reading, helping their children with their literacy skills, can make a huge difference in a child's life" (amazon.com).

Thanks to John C. for the four titles listed above.

Keep those titles coming!