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Gotta Be Good

The real joy of this project is discovering new titles and authors I may not have been exposed to otherwise. A creature of habit when it comes to literature, I tend to reach for biographies when perusing the stacks. So not only does this project expose me to new literature, but to new things in general such as the experimental treatment for depression known as EMDR (which by the way is an acronym NOT an anagram as I had stated in the previous post). Plus I'm such a sucker for "independent" anything; filmmakers, publishers, etc. That's why this title proved a pleasant surprise:

1. The Game Chose Me- Ebony Stroman*

Ebony Stroman is the 22-year-old author, editor, and independent publisher behind Ebandte, Inc.

Based in Jamaica Queens, Ebandte offers novels from "promising authors" who don't deliver the "same ole story." "A book by Ebandte gotta be good!", boasts the website's masthead.

Stroman has several other self-penned titles featured such as "The Hood" as well as writer Thomas Anthony Walker's "Unfallen Roses / Petals & Thorns." Titles may be purchased directly from Ebandte.

Submissions are also encouraged and welcomed. Check them out:


It's just nice to know that DIY (Do It Yourself) is alive and well in Queens. Take that Barnes and Noble!


And the rest:

2. Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media- Patrick J. Michaels*

I guess one would call Patrick J. Michaels the Anti-Al Gore. I honestly don't think global warming is merely hype as Michaels professes, but wouldn't it be nice if that's all it turned out to be?

3. Weep No More, My Lady- Mary Higgins Clark*

4. Honeymoon- James Patterson & Howard Roughan*