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Jan. 19th, 2007

Novel Finds

I've been keeping tabs on what commuters are reading on the subway for about a month now. So it's understandable that I'd be curious about some of the more interesting or colorful titles that I see on the A Train. Today, three of the books that I spied merited a few minutes of research on Amazon. Here are the featured titles:

1. A Therapist’s Guide to EMDR: Tools and Techniques for Successful Treatment- Laurel Parnell, Ph.D*

EMDR? Newly christened in the corporate world, I've come to learn that anagrams play a huge role in communicating many big ideas in a limited amount of space and time. Sometimes I receive emails what are so heavily peppered with them, I feel like I'm a member of the French resistance who's trying to crack the secret code for the rendez-vous at dawn. Anyhoo, here's the skinny on EMDR:

"The theory behind EMDR is that stimulated rapid eye movement may help in the psychological processing of trauma. It is thought that the day's events and our reactions to them are processed during REM sleep . In a controlled EMDR session, moving light is used to induce rapid eye movement."

The good people at healthyplace.com clarify it even further:


For those of you who prefer escapism to therapy (you know who you are and I unfortunately know quite a few of you), a good, trashy romance might be just the dose of denial needed while winding your way underground toward Columbus Circle.

2. Pleasure for Pleasure- Elosia James*

It’s as good as it sounds. "Pleasure for Pleasure" is A Victorian Romance novel whose female protagonist is nicknamed the “Scottish Sausage.” (Insert Freudian quip here.) And who ever said, "don't judge a book by its cover" was wrong:


I guess Fabio retired?

Ah, love.

And finally,

3.) The Amber Spy Glass: His Dark Materials, Book III- Philip Pullman*

Never mind the cover, I always believed one can tell a great deal about a story from its first line:

“In a valley shaded with rhododendrons, close to the snow line, where a stream milky with meltwater splashed and where doves and linnets flew among the immense pines, lay a cave, half-hidden by the crag above and the stiff heavy leaves that clustered below.”

I swear one of my former creative writing students must be ghost writing.

Here's the rest:

Broken Prey (Lucas Davenport Mysteries)- John Sandford*
Futureland- Walter Mosely*

Please send your novel finds to maria_calendar@yahoo.com

Be sure to include:

Your Name
Subway Train # or Letter

State whether you read the book or saw someone reading it.


Jan. 18th, 2007

The List So Far...

I started to actively keep a list of what NYC commuters read on the subway beginning in December of 2006.

Here's what I've logged in so far:

Dec. 2006

A Train /Express

Absalom, Absalom –Faulkner*

Jan. 2007

A Train /Express

Santa Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea- Mary Higgins Clark*
The Marriage Spell- Mary Jo Purdy*

The Brooklyn Follies- Paul Auster*
The Torah*
Sun of Suns- Karl Schroeder*

Played- Dana Davidson*
God’s Leading Ladies- T.D. Jakes*
The Girl With the Pearl Earring- Tracy Chevalier*
Toxic Bachelors- Danielle Steel*

Once Upon a Kiss- Nora Roberts*
The Road- Cormac Mccarthy*
A Woman’s Life- Guy de Maupassant*

The DaVinci Code- Dan Brown*
Lullaby- Chuck Palahniuck*
The Secret of Scent: Adventures in Perfume and the Science of Smell- Luca Turin*
The Bible*
Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq- Thomas E. Ricks*
An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World- Pankaj Mishra*

The Soul of Black Folks- W.E.B. DuBois*
McNally’s Dare- Laurence Sanders*

L Train

Contributor: Paul

The Idiot- Fyodor Dostoevsky**
Stardust- Neil Gaiman
Damian- Herman Hesse**
Steppenwolf- Hermann Hesse**
Sexus- Henry Miller**
The Wind Up Bird Chronicle- Haruki Murakami
The New York Trilogy- Paul Auster**
Japanland: A Year in Search of Wa- Karin Muller

7 Train / Flushing Line

Contributor: Madeline

The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini

* entry from Maria Calendar unless otherwise noted.

** read by contributor.

Please contribute to The NYC Subway Reading Project by sending titles and submitting the following information to maria_calendar@yahoo.com:

Your Name
NYC Subway Train Number or Letter
Title of Book

Also please state whether you read the book or observed someone reading. I want to try to make this as accurate as possible.

Thank you for your participation!

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